Anxiety: It will crush you, but it won’t control you.

As I begin to think of my first sentence, my thoughts are spiraling out of control. “Don’t be weird..don’t be boring..but make sure you make sense.

It almost feels like there’s a tug of war going on in my head, pulling with all of one’s strength on both sides of the rope. When this happens, my back tends to become very tense and now I start to get stressed out.

The knots in my back make me feel every sensation. I start to feel my heart race and my body shake. One thought leads to another, and eventually I begin to think I am dying. If I am by myself and I feel alone, I think of every disease I may have. And that’s where my brain starts overflowing. I am now at the point where I can’t stop these thoughts no matter how much I tell myself I am being irrational.

Hi, my name is anxiety and I am here to constantly nag at you and make you worry about the smallest things.

socialphobia_1450Walking by a group of people and they start laughing? Yep they’re laughing at you. Hate answering the phone because you sound awkward? Despise crowds because you’re claustrophobic and feel like there won’t be a way out? You can thank anxiety for these bizarre thoughts.

It is extremely hard to come to your senses when your anxiety is tearing you down. When you are having a panic attack or feeling like the stress is never-ending, you need to relax your mind. It is important to focus on the present rather than on the things that have happened or may happen.

Feel like you’re going to fail that big final exam tomorrow? Well if you dwell so much on what the outcome will be tomorrow, you are wasting more time when you could actually be studying. Relax, take a ten minute break and gather your thoughts until you are fully ready to concentrate. Those ten minutes will turn out to be less time than the amount you would spend overthinking throughout studying.

Or maybe you’re thinking about that disagreement you had with your friend earlier and you’ve just thought of the perfect response. You were so overwhelmed earlier that day that you could not even get your words out. It is important to accept that you cannot change what happened. What was spoken is said and done and now you know you have learned from it.

I can honestly say that I am guilty of not being aware and accepting of my thoughts. My first sentence came about because I was having a panic attack. I felt that there was nothing I could do to stop my skin from crawling. Here I am, paragraphs later typing freely of my feelings, thoughts, and opinions. I unconsciously allowed myself to clear the tension in my brain.

Those ten minutes that I had mentioned in the example of stressing over your studies? That was about the time it took me to come to the rid of the negativity. I started to write and before I knew it, my body started to relax.


If you’re having a breakdown, I strongly suggest taking a little break to calm down. Believe it or not, you will be surprised as to how quickly things will begin change in just a few minutes. Listen to music, write down your thoughts, read an article–do something that will bring your focus off of the pessimism. Anything that involves your senses working and that is relieving to your brain. Even if these means practicing your dance routine, exercising, watching television or drawing! Your mind deserves a rest every once in a while anyway.

Just remember, your anxiety doesn’t define you and it certainly does not control your life. It may crush you and bring you down at times, but you will get through it.

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